Centre for Gender Research

Thursday seminar spring 2017

The Thursday seminars are held a few Thursdays a month between 13.15 and 15.00 at the Centre for Gender Research, Villavägen 6.

The Thursday seminars bring together several different research areas; men and masculinities, body/corporeality, queer theory, and science are some themes that reflect the breadth of the research conducted at the Centre. We hope that you will find much of interest and that you will take the opportunity to participate in exciting and fruitful seminars. Lectures will be held according to the language of each title, some in Swedish and some in English.

January 26 Rebecca Carbery, PhD at the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, Austria: Online Self-representation by Non-binary Trans* and Inter* People

February 16 Srilekha Chakraborty, PhD at the Department of Sociology; Jadavpur University, India: The everyday rituals and the construction of femininities in tribes: Stories from the Santhali Girls in Jharkhand; India

February 23 Brian Heaphy, Professor in Sociology at Manchester University, UK: Ordinary Sexualities: formalised same sex relationships and the cultural politics of gender

March 2 Si Han, FD/antikvarie vid Världskulturmuseet: Secret love. HBTQ, konst och Kina

March 16 Wera Grahn, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Thematic Studies - Gender Studies, Linköping University: Representing the past of the South Sámi and Norse in a borderland

April 20 Jenny Sundén, professor i genusvetenskap, Södertörns Högskola: Kroppsanakronismer: Om korsetter och affektiv politik i steampunkkulturer

April 27 My Klockar Linder, FD i idéhistoria, Göteborgs universitet: Frivillig och ofrivillig barnlöshet

May 11 Helena Pedersen, Senior lecturer at the Department of Child and Youth Studies, Stockholm University: Desiring-machines: Animals as affective investments in education