Thursday seminar autumn 2017

The Thursday seminars are held a few Thursdays a month between 13.15 and 15.00 at the Centre for Gender Research, Villavägen 6.

The Thursday seminars bring together several different research areas; men and masculinities, body/corporeality, queer theory, and science are some themes that reflect the breadth of the research conducted at the Centre. We hope that you will find much of interest and that you will take the opportunity to participate in exciting and fruitful seminars. Lectures will be held according to the language of each title, some in Swedish and some in English.

September 21 Tobias Linné and Iselin Gambert, Lund University and The George Washington University Law: Got Mylk? A feminist exploration of milk from slavery to the "post-milk generation".

October 5 Jenny Sunden, Södertörns University: Broken signals, lost connections: Queering telephonic femininity- A seminar about queer relationality and telephonic brokenness from Sylvia Plath to Lady Gaga.

October 19 Anne Hammarström, Uppsala University: Hur är kön, genus och hälsa sammanflätade? Reflektioner kring ett forskningsprogram.

November 9 Anna Sjölander, Martina Wiksten and Maja Gullberg, Uppsala University: Female ex-combatants in Colombia, White Trash i svensk tryckt och fadersgestalter i pappalitteratur.

November 23 Wera Grahn, Linköping University: Representing the past of the South Sámi and Norse in a borderland.