Centre for Gender Research

PhD in Gender Studies

As of 2016, the Centre for Gender Research at Uppsala University has the right to offer a PhD program in Gender Studies.

PhDs are admitted after the advertising of open positions, both on the Centre's website and on Uppsala University's website. PhDs placed at the Centre for Gender Research may be PhDs in Gender Studies, or PhDs “shared” with other disciplines at Uppsala University, or “guest PhDs” enrolled at other universities in Sweden or abroad.

At the Centre for Gender Research, the PhD candidate is a colleague and an important presence in the local research community. The candidate will be expected to do course studies and thesis project work, but also to participate actively in seminars, conferences, work towards academic publications, and continuously work to stay up-to-date regarding current research in areas that are relevant to the thesis and to a degree in Gender Studies. The PhD may be pursued in English or Swedish.

PhD in Sweden

In Sweden, unlike many other countries, PhDs are categorized as employees (not as students) during their training, and therefore have certain rights and obligations vis-a-vis the Centre and the University. Also, because of this, they must be salaried by the department where they are employed, and have access to certain services etcetera.

According to Swedish law, the funding of the PhD candidate (for 4 years at full time or for 8 years at half time) must be guaranteed, before the candidate can be admitted into the program. Such funding may be provided by Uppsala University, by other universities, by organizations, national authorities or other grant-giving institutions, in Sweden or abroad. Funding may also be provided through externally funded research projects that include PhDs.

PhDs may be asked to teach as part of their training. When this happens, the teaching leads to a prolongation of the time period the PhD is employed.

A number of PhDs have completed their theses while affiliated with the Centre and five PhDs are currently working at the Centre.