Centre for Gender Research


Research conducted at the Center is interdisciplinary and the researchers have their backgrounds in various disciplines in the faculties of the humanities, social sciences, medicine, and natural/technological sciences.

GenNa Programme of Excellence

In December 2006 the Centre for Gender Research was one of three winners awarded the ‘’Centre of Gender Excellence’’ status by the Swedish Research Council. Together with Umeå and Linköping the Centre shared the funding, a total of 60 million SEK that was distributed over a five year period. The most important selection criteria for receiving funding was the capacity of innovative thinking and concrete plans for how to become internationally leading in the field of Gender Studies.

The name of the gender excellence program was GenNa: Nature/Culture and Transgressive Encounters. It was led by Professor Margaretha Fahlgren and first coordinated by Tora Holmberg and later by Anita Hussénius. Although the excellence program only lasted until 2012 many of the research groups, projects and collaborations that were founded at the time are still active at the Centre for Gender Research.