Thursday seminars

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The Centre has a seminar series on Thursdays, open for all interested in gender and gender research. The Thursday seminars reflects the breath of gender research and touch upon  different research areas. The seminars also aim to create cross-disciplinary meetings between researchers and students.

The seminars during the spring will be webinars, held on Zoom, Thursdays 13.15-15. Please register for the seminar in advance and you will get an entry link. 

Autumn programme 2020

24 SEPTEMBER, Webinar 
A previous Master student at the Centre for Gender Research prensents their Master dissertation: 

Experiences of maternal birth injuries: How gender and sexuality norms affect diagnostics, everyday life and healthcare in Sweden
Sara Persson

8 OCTOBER, Webinar 
Unpacking the coloniality of power nexus in Indian surrogacy
Johanna Gondouin, Research Fellow, Department of Thematic Studies, Linköping University

22 OCTOBER, Webinar 
Children and child-centeredness as social mechanisms in father-to-father relations during parental leave
Tobias Axelsson, Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences, Örebro University

5 NOVEMBER, Webinar 
Gendered territoriality and the contemporaneity of colonialism in present-day Brazil 
Patricia Lorenzoni, Research Fellow, Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism, Uppsala University

3 DECEMBER, Webinar
Messy Trans Experiences in Norway and the Paradox of Legal Gender Recognition
france rose hartline, PhD, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

10 DECEMBER, Webinar 
The toxicity of industrial/breadwinner masculinities; when climate change denial and white supremacy meet  
Martin Hultman, Associate Professor in Science-, Technology- and Environmental Studies, Chalmers University of Technology