Forskningen som bedrivs vid Centrum för genusvetenskap är tvärvetenskaplig och forskarnas kompetenser täcker discipliner inom såväl humaniora och samhällsvetenskap, medicin samt natur- och teknikvetenskap.

Forskning vid Centrum

Forskningen som bedrivs på Centrum för genusvetenskap är tvärvetenskaplig och forskarnas kompetenser täcker discipliner inom humaniora, samhällsvetenskap, natur- och teknikvetenskap samt medicin. Vid Centrum finns det flera tvärvetenskapliga forskargrupper som samlar forskare från olika områden kring gemensamma forskningsämnen:

  1. Education and Science
  2. Family / Kinship
  3. Gender and Culture
  4. Humanimal Studies
  5. Queer Studies

Utöver forskargrupperna finns det även flera olika forskningsområden:

Guest researchers

An important part of the Centre’s dynamic research environment are the many visiting researchers who stay for shorter or longer periods of time. These guests have usually heard positive things about us from a former visiting researcher or colleague at the Centre. Our reputation of being a well-organised centre with a good working environment has had a positive word of mouth spreading. Some guest researchers are invited by research groups to build networks, exchange knowledge, write applications or organise conferences and workshops.

Many of the international researchers who have been at the Centre return to continue their collaborations and thus contributing further to a creative and inspiring research environment. We receive a high number of requests each year; unfortunately we are not able to accept all applicants. If you are interested in coming to the Centre for Gender Research please read our frequently asked questions before applying.

Frequently asked questions