Family and Kinship Research Group

Few questions raise more heated debate than those pertaining to family and kinship, and indeed, few areas demonstrate more clearly the interconnectedness of the private and the public. The Family and Kinship group offers a forum for networking and critique across disciplines and areas of interest. Participants come from a range of disciplines, from literature, philosophy and anthropology to law, political science, public health, and reproductive health. Areas of interest include, for example, reproductive technologies (ARTs) and rights, friendship and intimacy, parenthood, queer families, violence, and practical and conceptual borders between kin and non-kin.

Picture: Hamsterfreund, Pixabay 

Research in the group focuses on various geographical/geopolitical contexts. Among group activities is a seminar series for presentations by individual junior and senior scholars as well as workshop sessions on funding applications and ideas for future projects and events. 

Jenny BjörklundMaja BodinUlrika DahlEvangelia ElenisMadeleine ErikssonMargaretha FahlgrenKlara GoedeckeGabriele Griffin, Malin Jordal, Doris Leibetseder, Matilda Lindgren, Patricia LorenzoniErika MårtenssonElina NilssonNicole OvesenChristine RubertssonHelena Wahlström HenrikssonAnna Williams

Current projects:
There are a number of large research projects within the group funded by, for example, the Swedish Research Council and the EU. There are also some doctoral projects conducted within the group. For more information about ongoing projects, click on the links below.

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