Queerseminarium: Sensing Sexile: Seeing Latinas, Working Sex

  • Datum: –18.00
  • Plats: Zoom
  • Föreläsare: Juana Maria Rodriguez,University of California, Berkeley
  • Arrangör: Centrum för genusvetenskap
  • Kontaktperson: Sara Salminen
  • Seminarium

Om Adela Vázquez, transperson och aktivist från Kuba.

Centrum för genusvetenskap anordnar öppna queerseminarier för alla som är intresserade av och/eller arbetar aktivt med queerbegreppet i praktik, teori eller aktivism. 

---This seminar is held in English---

Welcome to the Queer seminar: "Sensing Sexile: Seeing Latinas, Working Sex"


About the seminar
This paper centers on the life of Adela Vázquez, a Cuban transgender activist living in San Francisco. Vázquez’s life story of being assigned male at birth in Cuba, forming part of the Mariel boat lift, and working as a sex worker in San Francisco is the subject of Sexile/Sexilio, a bilingual graphic novel by Jaime Cortez, as well as numerous other oral history projects. A colorful and complicated biographical subject, Vazquez’s modes of expression frequently confound and complicate the political projects of queer Latinx representation. In this talk, these various attempts at biographical narration will be juxtaposed with Vázquez’s self-representation within social media platforms such as Facebook, where she maintains an active presence.

Queerseminarium: Sensing Sexile: Seeing Latinas, Working Sex
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