New book: Body, Migration, Re/Constructive Surgeries


Gabriele Griffin and Malin Jordal's volume on Body, Migration, Re/Constructive Surgeries: Making the Gendered Body in a Globalised World, newly out from Routledge in November 2018, has its origins in research conducted by Malin Jordal on women who have undergone female genital cutting (FGC) and who subsequently seek clitoral reconstruction. 

Clitoral reconstruction is a relatively new surgical procedure in Sweden. FGC constitutes contested terrain because of the healthcare-related, socio-cultural, ethical, and ethnically specific questions associated with it. This contestation extends to all forms of female genital re/construction which include hymen re/construction, medical gender assignment to intersex babies, so-called designer vaginas, labia reduction, etc. To explore the issues involved Jordal and Griffin organised an international Riksbanken-funded workshop in 2017 where medical, social, anthropological and gender experts gathered to discuss female genital re/construction. The volume Griffin and Jordal have just published is one outcome from that workshop.