Queer Research Group

The queer research group gathers researchers with an interest in non-normative gender and sexuality. Members have a range of disciplinary backgrounds and interests, including LGBTQ studies, transgender studies, studies of heteronormativity, sexual health, non-heterosexual reproduction, familymaking and intimacy, histories and contemporary forms of LGBTQ activism and cultural production, LGBTQ literature and queer readings, and forms of state and interpersonal violence against and among LGBTQ people.

We meet regularly to discuss our own research, read new literature and discuss current topics and debates in queer studies. We welcome guest researchers and colleagues with an interest in queer topics, and in gender and sexuality broadly defined.

Coordinator of the queer research group: Ulrika Dahl 

Jenny BjörklundUlrika DahlGabriele GriffinDoris LeibetsederNicole OvesenRenita Sörensdotter

Affiliated researches: 
Signe BremerÍris EllenbergerSam HolmqvistJulian HonkasaloKaisa Ilmonen, Kristin Johansson, Nadine LakeAnn-Sofie Lönngren, Maria Margareta Österholm

Queer seminars

Since 2017 the queer research group has administered the Uppsala Queer Seminar, founded in 2008, and hosted by Centre for Gender Research. The seminar, free and open to the public, aims to be a meeting place for everyone interested in queer theory, activism and practice. 

For more information about the queer seminar, see the website.
Contact person for the queer seminars: Nicole Ovesen